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An Excel spreadsheet for managing
Thermal Duration & Precision Landing
RC Model contests

The idea of a tool to manage competition has came up to our mind when we realized that publicly available tools were not generating random groups of pilots properly. In fact, participants seem to fly repeatedly with the same ones too often.

Based on this observations we took on the challenge of developing a spreadsheet easy to use, with as little as possible use of macros and an algorithm that minimizes repetitions in the flight matrix, yet being flexible enough allowing the user to customize the matrix at any time.

Matrix Generator R1 - Excel 2010 Spreadsheet

Matrix Generator R1 - User Manual

R1 Initial Release - 18 August 2014


Training Aids

The 2 Minutes Drill has been developed by Duc to train the crucial last minutes of TD/ALES flights and landing. The pilot uses 5 to 10 seconds of motor to get to a marginal altitude. Once the motor goes off, the mp3 comes into play. The first minute is spent scratching the air. The second minute is spent preparing for landing.

2 Minutes Drill - Landing - ENG

2 Minutes Drill - Landing - FR

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